Why Gammy's Was Founded

After wanting a healthy way to stay hydrated without using artificial additives and feeling disinterested in water's bland taste, Gammy's started in 2018 with the mission of providing a natural, healthy, and refreshing way to flavor water.

The Solution - Fusion Water On-The-Go

With slices of freeze-dried fruit, anyone can create fusion water on-the-go quickly and conveniently. Small batch freeze-drying preserves the fruit's freshness and taste without using any artificial preservatives or additives. The freeze-drying process also creates a more powerful flavor by releasing the nutrients held within the pulp, which results in about 20% more flavor than a fresh slice of fruit. Gammy's BPA-free packaging further ensures each slice of fruit maintains its quality over a significant amount of time.

A Greater Mission - Carry a Water Bottle and Help Reduce Waste

Gammy's is committed to making drinking water more enjoyable with the hope that more people decide to carry their own water bottle, which will help reduce the massive amount of plastic bottle and aluminum can waste created on a daily basis.

Gammy's is also committed to donating a portion of its profits to help offset the use of plastic in its products. Through this donation, Gammy's will be able to offset the new waste its products create through the recycling of existing waste -  a zero waste footprint.

So Who is Gammy?

The name is in honor of my late grandmother, who I called Gammy. She always appreciated a glass of water with a slice of lemon while relaxing at the beach.