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We have listed below answers to some commonly asked questions. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

  • How do you use Gammy's?

The quickest way to infuse your water is to place the fruit slice in your cup or bottle first and then pour water over top. If you are using a bottle, a couple of shakes will always help!

  • How many slices do you need to use?

It depends on how strong you want the flavor. A single slice has been tested to provide adequate flavor for up to 32oz of water.

  • How quickly does the fruit infuse?

It depends on how strong you want your flavor, but following the method above with give you a hint of flavor almost immediately!

  • How long does the fruit stay fresh in the package?

30+ days

  • How long does the fruit last in water?

It is recommended to enjoy your fusion water within 8 hours

  • Is Gammy's fruit organic?

Yes, Gammy's uses USDA Certified Organic fruit

  • Does Gammy's provide any nutrients?

Yes, but the amount depends on the type of fruit used

  • Is Gammy's packaging BPA Free?

Yes, all packaging is FDA food safe and BPA free

  • Does Gammy's have any preservatives?

No preservatives are added - the freeze-drying process removes the moisture and preserves the fruit!

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